Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Five


So excited to be close to the beach again!


Envious of my mom's green thumb.


I think I may have a small obsession with makeup bags.  Love the cute patterns and shapes and sizes.  After realizing that nobody needs this many I gave some to my nieces.  They were so excited.


Saw this flower yesterday in San Diego and fell in love.  Any ideas what it is called?


My new testtube arrived and I'm loving everything in it!

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Have a great weekend!


Elizabeth Benfield said...

i am not flower expert but it looks like a hibiscus?

also, yes, you might have a makeup bag obsession LOL! but it was nice that you had a chance to share the love. purging and giving at the same time is nice :)

Beverly said...

The flower is a hibiscus girlie... a super pretty colored one!

I envy people with green thumbs myself.. just wish I can be that savvy!

xo, Bev

Colleen said...

The feeling of toes in the sand is perfect! I know how you feel about envying the green thumb, I am jealous of my moms also! I am excited to be your newest follower!


Nicholl Vincent said...

i don't even have one make up bag haha

Happy Sunday! Drop by and say hello!

Anonymous said...

you have..... beautiful feet! wow. very beautifully photographed as well. stunning ;)