Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Little Lost

I have been feeling lost lately as to the direction that my new adventure is taking me.  So, it has been a little quiet on dearwellington.
I moved back to California at the end of June.
I left an amazing job behind that I had been doing for the last 12 years.
For 12 years I knew what I would be doing in the middle of August.
August meant back to school.  It meant gathering new ideas, sharpening brand new pencils, organizing and decorating a classroom.
This August is so different.
I knew with this move that a career change would also be part of the deal.  I don't have a credential to teach in CA and it's no secret that teaching jobs here are few and far between.

So, what will I be doing?
I don't know yet.

Will I still be sharing teaching ideas?
I think so.

Am I excited, nervous, and hopeful?

Stay tuned...

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