Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Day in Pictures

I'm not quite sure what to make of today.

Let me show you...

I was startled this morning while doing a little shopping at this large mound that rustled as I walked by...

yes...sprawled out on that lawn chair underneath that blanket is a person...sleeping.  
And almost as shocking...this wasn't while I was at Walmart...this was at Target friends.

I quickly moved out of that section and headed to the makeup.  
I decided to jump on the Baby Lips bandwagon...not sure what the fuss is about.  Fail!

The bright spot for the day was finding these Salon Effects nail polish strips on clearance for $2.25 (regularly $8.50)!! I love these.

And the clincher for the day was coming home and finding a bat dangling from my house.  Yuck!
And I just peeked and he's still there.
Dear Bat...Please find a new are not welcome here!

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