Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Five

Here we go again.  Link up here!

my first birchbox arrived!
{still wrapping my head around that nail polish color}

mally starlight how smoothly this goes on.

finished my last parent conferences for the year.

so in love with these target flats
{i found out the hard way that mine need a little more breaking-in before i wear them to work again}

i have today off!


Momma B said...

I love those flats!!! I look in the shoes every time I go to Target and have not seen these!!

Nicole said...

Target has had the best flats lately! It's impossible to walk by their shoe section & not find something I love. Yours are too cute!

robyn@dearwellington said...

Thanks for the comment! They are still available online!

robyn@dearwellington said...

Thanks Nicole!