Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spelling Ideas

I love giving my students a variety of ways to practice their spelling words.
I have been using a modified version of the lists from Words Their Way.  I have four spelling groups this year and love that this program pinpoints what the students need help with.  But I am not a fan of doing so many sorts!  I think variety is important.  So here are some of the fun ways I have my students practice their words...

jumbo pens and pencils

cookie cutters...they trace the shape and then write their words either in or around the shape

fun pens, twistable crayons, and "melted crayon peanut butter cups" 
{that's what the kids call them}

"Wikki Stix" {these have so many uses}

rainbow pencils {these have the coolest tips...the kids love them}

pipe cleaners

 salt spelling

and this is probably the favorite...window spelling {with a dry erase marker}

What would you add to my list?

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