Thursday, February 16, 2012


We've been busy finishing up our dental health unit and our graphing unit.  I love it when the school days are filled with fun things to look forward makes the days fly by.  So here is a look at a little bit of that fun.

We learned about tally tables, bar graphs, line plots, and pictographs.  We learned that you can gather information for those graphs in different ways.

cork board survey about favorite cookies (they love the jumbo pins)
{chocolate chip for most of my students and probably my mom's peanut butter cookies for me}

eye color pictograph (apparently when in doubt, choose hazel)

and a writing/art activity for dental health{idea found here}
"What does the tooth fairy do with all of those teeth?"
pretty cute

2 comments: said...

That cork board was really creative. Thanks for sharing. Jumbo pins? My students would much rather have a jumbo cookie. Thanks for sharing.

rk@dearwellington said...

Thanks for the comment!